Jett Rao

Hi! My name is Jett. I moved to Calgary with my family from Libya in 2002. Although moving to Canada was quite a culture shock, I completely embraced the freedom and lifestyle of living in Canada. I completed my degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Calgary. Upon graduation, I worked in the Oil and Gas industry for a few years. In 2014 the oil market crashed and in 2016 I was laid-off from my well-paying job. 

While it seemed like the end of the world at the time, it spurred me to think of ways to not rely on large corporations for employment. One of my close friend's parents were successful in real estate and after a sit down with them, I decided to get my real estate license.

I quickly realized that one of the best aspects of real estate is all the wonderful people I get to meet and interact with on a daily basis. I also realized that real estate allowed me to have the freedom from the mundane routine that was my engineering job. I felt like I had lost that sense of excitement after going through University and working in the Oil and Gas industry.  Real estate has given me that excited feeling from when I first moved to Canada. 

They say we should try to break from the mundane and do something that thrills and excites you. Real estate has done just that for me!