Jenna Schmidt

Hey! I’m glad you’re here! Let me tell you a little bit about me. My name is Jenna Schmidt and I’m from Medicine Hat, AB. I started working in a hair salon the day after my 12th birthday. I had always loved the beauty industry and I had mentioned to my moms friend my interest and she hired me at her shop! I worked there until I was 18, completing my apprenticeship while in high school! I registered for hair school in the fall after I graduated, and before starting school I spent the summer working in Mexico as an entertainer at a resort! You know the people walking around the beach getting you to play beach volleyball and do all the activities?! Yeah that was me! Best summer job ever. (Also where I met the love of my life- but that’s a story for another time) 

After completing hair school and getting my journeyman and red seal, I started managing the salon I was working at in Lethbridge, AB. I became internationally trained and an educator for some brands we were working with so I could help lead our team at the salon. 

Hairstyling gave me such a flexible career that it allowed me to travel a bunch and while doing so, I became infatuated with all the different homes and decor around the world! It’s with my travels that I first started to fall in love with real estate. It then became my plan to do that once I couldn’t physically do hair anymore. However, after seeing how Mitch was killing it in real estate and listening to him tell me to get into it sooner than later every time we travelled together, he finally got through to me and I decided it was time! 

I am so extremely grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and I know my years of experience in the service and entertainment industry is going to make me the best realtor for my clients.