Al Trenholm

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Hey! My name is Al, and I am from the small town of Riverview, New Brunswick. A real maritimer and people pleaser! After graduating from high school, I attended the local college where I studied carpentry. I took a few years building homes and decided I wanted a change, and like every other maritimer, I decided to move to Alberta for a year... that was in 2013.

I found myself working in construction and gradually worked towards becoming an expert in horizontal directional drilling. My expertise took me up to Northern Alberta to work on the pipeline, as well as on large-scale projects all over British Columbia, Manitoba, and back to Alberta. I was in Winnipeg when I found out that the girl of my dreams was pregnant and having our daughter. We pulled together everything we had to set ourselves up for this new chapter, and welcomed Rylie Mae to the world.

I had known for a long time that I wanted to explore the real estate industry, but it was when my daughter was born that I knew I wanted to follow my dreams and show her what I could accomplish for our family. After connecting with our team lead Mitch, I knew that I was ready to go all in on this new career venture. I truly care about finding the right home for all of my clients and will be sure to go all in for each and every one of you. Besides, when has a maritimer ever steered you wrong? I got you!